The bonus collection is among the most fascinating features of 1xBet. The website offers its users an array of bonuses, with respect to whether or not you just signed up to the site, how frequently you make use of it, etc.

That said, a good number of newbies after completing their 1xBet registration often have the question, how to use 1xBet bonus? Usually, most have no knowledge of how their bonuses function, plus the conditions of each offer. In order to enjoy complete access together with the benefits without any bumps, you must familiarize yourself with all bonus rules. Also, the service can be accessed with the bonuses from many regions, and this includes the India bonus, 1xBet Bonus, etc.

So, are you ready to know more about the rules and how to use the bonus. You may also be wondering what you can get with a 1xBet bonus account. We got your back, so keep reading this write up to learn more.

1xBet bonus account

Get 130 euro bonus

Definition of a 1xBet Bonus

A 1xBet bonus refers to a specific sum of money awarded to you for placing bets with. The specific amount varies, depending on what kind of bonus it is. Some of the different bonuses include welcome bonuses and promotional bonuses among others.

You only become eligible and can access bonuses by first making a little deposit after registering and logging in to your account. This implies that certain 1xBet bonus rules must be considered with every single one of them.

Get 130 euro bonus

About the 1xBet Welcome Bonus plus How to Acquire It!

Immediately after your 1xBet sign up, you may have the benefit of obtaining a bonus 1xBet. You’re a new 1xBet customer at this point and the sports bookie is looking to ensure you fall in love with the website so that you’ll choose to stay – that explains why you are given a welcome bonus.
In India, this bonus though not restricted to the area reaches the maximum €1500 in addition to so many free spins (150). Astonishing, right?

Additionally, four different deposit bonuses make up the 1xBet bonus and they are as follows:

  • First deposit; 100% bonus of €300 max + free spins (30)
  • Second deposit; 50% bonus of €350 max + free spins (35)
  • Third deposit; 25% bonus of €400 max + free spins (40)
  • Fourth deposit; 25% bonus €450 max + free spins (45)

Once you follow the 1xBet bonus rules, the welcome bonus becomes accessible and you will have the freedom to decide how to make use of the 1xBet bonus account. If you’re also wondering “how to utilize your bonus”, remember it depends on the tournaments available and what you choose to bet on.

1xBet Welcome Bonus

Get 130 euro bonus

1xBet Deposit Bonus Offered by the Bookmaker

Besides getting an amount as a bonus 1xBet after registration, there is another bonus you get once you complete your account’s first deposit.

This 1xBet deposit bonus is given to 1xBet new customers who follow up their registration with a maximum deposit of €130. This stunning bonus offer is 100%, meaning you’re a winner already.

The first deposit 100% bonus is activated with its benefits immediately you make the deposit. Note that you have 3 days to turn over the 1xBet deposit bonus after it is deposited to prevent it from expiring and becoming inaccessible. Also, you must remember that you can’t combine other 1xBet promotional offers with the 100% first deposit bonus offer.

If you wish to enjoy your bonus with 1xBet, you must, first of all, fulfill the conditions of the first 1xBet deposit bonus.

Get 130 euro bonus

Learn and Understand the 1xBet Bonus Rules

It’s key to take the rules of 1xBet bonuses into account when making your account’s first deposit to enjoy the bonus. Even though the Terms and Conditions have them, it’s easier to better understand this much simpler version here:

  • You must complete your account’s first deposit of at least €1.00 before you will receive and can use the 100% bonus.
  • With this 100% bonus offer, it is required that you succeed to multiply it by 5 with the use of accumulator bets.
  • You have to achieve this turnover with a minimum of three events.
  • The three chosen markets must have minimum odds of 1,40 (2/5).
  • The service has to be available in your country. So, move only after checking the list of countries it’s available in.
  • Upon receiving it, you have 30 days to make use of the deposit before it becomes unavailable for use.

1xBet Bonus Rules

Get 130 euro bonus

1xBet Happy Friday Bonus Rules plus Other Available Promotions

The Welcome and First deposit bonuses of 1xBet are definitely not the bookie’s only offers.

Here are some of the famous sportsbook’s numerous promotions:

  1. Jackpots Everyday
    Fortunately, these amazing 1xBet jackpot bonuses exist every day. With the daily 1xBet jackpot bonus, you join potential winners once you start betting. And all casino games are part of the promotion except PF Dice, PF Roulette, Roulette, 21 Online, and Pachinko.
  2. Lucky Friday
    The bookmaker uses this promotion to make Fridays even more amazing. What the lucky Friday bonus of 1xBet offers is the chance of winning 100 EUR every Friday. Awesome right? However, you should go through 1xBet Happy Friday bonus rules before getting into the offer.
  3. Lucky Day
    There are daily promotions as well. So, if you like to know how the daily 1xBet bonus functions, don’t worry because the Lucky Day bonus offer isn’t complex. All you need is a ticket you can go to the offer page and collect for your opportunity to bag promo points. Winners are randomly drawn out and you get lucky if you’re selected.
  4. No Risk Bets as high as €10
    Risk-free bets are great since they come with a refund possibility. This is how this bonus 1xBet offer works. First, you need to make a bet once the offer must have started to be included. You use your funds to gamble, and then you will be refunded the amount you lose (€10 max). It’s very advantageous to possess this 1xBet bonus.
  5. 1xBet X2 Wednesday Bonus
    Meeting the rules of the Friday bonus and taking part in the promotion means you can also access the Wednesday promotion. Placing 5 bets on sporting events each having an odd of 1.40 or higher puts you in line to win €100 if you’re in luck. However, it’s important to note that you must make a deposit of €1 to receive the amount. It’s nice to have this bonus 1xBet Wednesday as it offers another opportunity to win.
  6. Bonuses on Birthdays
    The birthday bonus offer is how 1xBet joins you to celebrate your birthday. How you make use of this 1xBet bonus depends on you but there are definitely a few 1xBet bonus regulations too and they are found within the Terms of Service.

Many different promotions are clearly available, and you can access all of them from the Monday bonus, to Wednesday, Friday, and other bonuses. You can also get the 500 bonus, 20 bonus, and so on.

1xBet Friday bonus terms and conditions

Get 130 euro bonus

1xBet Friday bonus terms and conditions

In order to be able to benefit from 1xBet’s Lucky Friday bonus offer, you are required to fulfill the 1xBet Happy Friday bonus rules which are as follows:

  1. First, you must perform a €1 deposit or higher on a Friday to activate your bonus.
  2. You will receive the bonus as soon as you make the deposit, then you will have to turn it over 3 times within 24 hours. You risk losing your credit if you fail to follow this key section of the 1xBet bonus rules.
  3. A deposit as high as €100 can get you a 100% bonus.
  4. You can only have a bonus with one deposit.
Get 130 euro bonus

Getting 1xBet Bonus Account and What This Means!

One refreshing feature of 1xBet is the amazing treatment they give their members. Another cool thing about the bookmaker is that all users are handled equally. Regardless of whether you just signed up and received your 1xBet deposit bonus or another bonus, it’s possible to get a 1xBet bonus account.

Being rewarded with programs like a VIP Cashback can basically get you a cashback bonus. Would you also like to know how to enjoy this?

These are the steps to obtain a 1xBet bonus account:

  1. Get into the casino with 1xBet promo code to upgrade your status to the Copper level.
  2. Choose and play any of the many casino games such as Slots, Live Casino, etc. What you get with this is experience while growing your 1xBet bonus account.
  3. Obtain the maximum number of points you can, as more points equate to more cashback for you. If you work hard enough, VIP Status may be your reward.
  4. Decide when to collect your cashback returns, knowing that you can only make such withdrawals one time over seven days.

1xBet Bonus Games

Get 130 euro bonus

Find Out about Various 1xBet Bonus Games

When moving towards achieving your ideal VIP account status, you’ll take note of the bonus 1xBet games. Casino games have been added to the website for more fun and improved betting experience with increased chances of earning 1xBet Bonuses. You could be playing Casino games as your status upgrades with a bonus account.

Examples of bonus games found on the website include:

  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette

With these, you earn your games bonus while having fun.

Getting a Bonus Account with 1xBet

Get 130 euro bonus

Conclusion on how to get and use 1xBet bonus

After your 1xBet signup, you may have dozens of questions about the bonuses available on the site. You might want to know how to use 1xBet bonus and the various bonus conditions, the 1xBet deposit bonus, etc. All these, often add to the scene of you wanting to set up your account without really knowing how it is done.

Getting here must have enlightened you on how to use 1xBet bonus offer and the 100% first deposit bonus. Although it’s simple, some guidance is always useful for anyone using their first bonus code.

That said, we hope this review has helped anyone who wanted to find out how to redeem, use, or withdraw your bonus.Get 130 euro bonus